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Title Upper Right
Description The upper right portion of the reaction matrix chart. The reactants are: 1. H2SO4 2. H3PO4 3. NaOH 4. Na2CO3 5. AgNO3 6. KI 7. HNO3


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Appears in:
Reaction Matrix Chart
Concepts solubility rules, precipitation, metathesis, double displacement, complexation, coordination, transition metal, reduction, oxidation, redox, acid, base, neutralization, gas formation
Equipment Reaction matrix chart
Chemicals Sodium hydroxide, NaOH
Silver nitrate, AgNO3
Sodium carbonate, Na2CO3
Nitric Acid, HNO3
Potassium Iodide, KI
Sodium Phosphate, Na3PO4
Sulfuric Acid, H2SO4